There are many local pubs, cafes, parks and hotels that welcome dogs. Brighton Dog Photography runs a directory with over 200 local dog-friendly attractions.

Flyball is a team sport for dogs and we have a club in Brighton. Suitable for any healthy socialised dog over a year old. The group can be seen at many local dog events and they offer drop in lessons. Details here.

Fun Agility is a recreational sport for you and your dog to enjoy together without the pressures of competing.
• It aids your dogs’ fitness, being both mentally and physically stimulating.
• It allows the dogs to have great fun and enjoy the challenge and achievement no matter how slow or fast their learning capacity is.
• There’s no negative reprimanding at all, it is run by positive encouragement only.
Fun Agility is for all dogs, large and small, young and old, learning at their own pace and having great fun doing so.