Brighton Dogwatch group makes first donation to local cause

Handing over our first donation to Jenny Wells, the manager of the RSPCA in Brighton.

Handing over our first donation to Jenny Wells, the manager of the RSPCA in Brighton.

Local constitution Brighton Dogwatch makes 1st official donation of £500 to the RSPCA Brighton’s bull breed neutering voucher scheme

We recently became an official constituted group. Our facebook group, which has been running for over 3 years, began with the sole purpose of helping dogs and their humans in the community. Going from strength to strength we are now an official fund-raising organisation with aims to support local causes within the dog community of Brighton and Hove.

Once such cause highlighted by the council and RSPCA is high on our agenda – abandoned and stray Bull breed dogs in Brighton & Hove. Every year the council help care for a large number of bull breeds such as Staffordshire Bull Terriers “staffies” that are over-bred and a high-proportion abandoned. There are many reasons for this including unlicensed and “Backyard breeding”. Plus the media-created stigma associated with this breed as a “dangerous dog” means they more difficult to re-home through no fault of their own. This is a huge issue for councils throughout the UK and tragically many are put to sleep.

Luckily Brighton Council and the RSPCA have a no-kill policy and abandoned bull-breed dogs will be cared for until re-homed or placed in a rescue centre. The RSPCA have a bull-breed neutering voucher scheme, which will mean fewer unwanted litters and also should make it easier for the dogs to be re-homed. With this agenda in mind we are happy to make our first donation of £500 towards helping these dogs be spayed and neutered.

Jenny, manager at RSPCA Patcham said:

“Thanks to Brighton Dogwatch, their donation will enable us to continue offering a subsidized neutering scheme for bull breed types of dogs. Supporting this scheme helps prevent so many unwanted dogs.”

This is just one of many causes on the agenda for Brighton Dogwatch.  Our aims are to raise awareness through educational events across the city and dog shows – spreading a responsible dog ownership message but also one of community spirit and support. We will also be working to help the council and abandoned dogs.

Rhian White, Chair of Brighton Dogwatch said:

”It’s an exciting time for Brighton Dogwatch and we have many plans in the pipeline to help local people and their dogs. One way we are helping will be working with the council to assist them in looking after abandoned dogs and helping to create and support a network of foster carers to get them out of kennels. With support from our members, we want to help the most vulnerable dogs and make Brighton and Hove a happier, safer place for all dogs and their people.

We welcome support and of course donations to help our cause. This £500 was half of a £1000 prize that I won in the city innovation challenge that I then donated to Brighton Dogwatch and I want to thank the Brighton and Hove Bus and Coach company for their generous prize. They have helped local dogs in need.”


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