Getting a Dog

Getting a Dog

This is a major decision. The dog will be a key part of your life for many years. There are many breeds with different characteristics. Puppies can be fun – but also damaging chaos! It is worth spending some time researching how a dog will fit into your lifestyle so that the dog can lead a happy and balanced life. Get that right and the rewards are fantastic.

Some things to think about (and help with your google searches!)

  • Rescue or breeder. If breeder, how to avoid puppy farms and unscrupulous “backyard breeders”
  • Puppy or older
  • How lively? How trainable? How active?
  • The cost. Food, insurance, vet bills, toys and training all add up. Larger dogs tend to be more expensive, some breeds cost more to insure as they can be less healthy.

For new dog owners you can also get a taster through

It may also be worth meeting with a trainer/behaviourist to help provide information/advice before you decide, it could be a very worthwhile investment and a number of locals provide this type of service.