Lost Dog

We can help you find your missing dog. We have helped run many hundreds of searches and have learnt what works well to reach many tens of thousands of people. The steps below work best (any comments welcome)
  • Contact the local dog warden and vets. Phone numbers listed at the bottom of this page. If you lose your dog out of hours and you are in the Brighton and Hove area call K9, on 07827 967 088.
  • Send a message to the Brighton Dogwatch facebook page or write on our wall. Please confirm that you have contacted the dog warden (as many are found this way and we don’t want to take people’s time sharing if not needed). Please include a clear photograph if possible as this massively adds to the number of shares. Also a contact phone number, where and when the dog was last seen and anything else that will help people help you
  • Comment on the Brighton Dogwatch Facebook page with any updates/information. This helps the shares and motivates those who are helping.
  • Register on doglost.co.uk. This is a free service. It contacts local supporters and also automatically generates posters that can be printed.
  • Even though stray dogs are the responsibility of the local authority, some people might take a dog they find to a local rescue centre. In Brighton, this is the RSPCA in Patcham. Call 01273 554218 between 10.30am-4pm, Tuesday-Sunday.
  • Hove lost dog cycle search team. Contact on 07940 796934 or 01273 418801
  • Petlog have lots more tips on how to search for a missing dog.
  • You should also be aware that, if an animal is found deceased on one of our roads, Cityclean do not have a freezer facility. Therefore, if a dog is found dead, an owner would have until the end of the working day to claim their pet. If not, the animal is “humanely destroyed”. This is, of course, a horrible thought but something you should be aware of.
  • There have been scams where people claim to have found a dog and phone with ransom demands. They do not have the dog as cannot provide key details. This, unfortunately, means that you should take any claims with care.
Dog warden details:
Brighton and Hove:  Office hours –  01273 294266. After 4pm and weekends: 07827 967088
Lewes: Office hours – 01273 471600. Evenings/weekends: 01323 644422
Eastbourne: Office hours – 01323 410000. Evenings/weekends: 0203 589 2999
Wealdon district, Hastings and Rother:  01424 490034

Most dogs are found relatively quickly. However, for a longer search there are a number of local people/groups that can help:
  • You can set up your own search which we will share on our Facebook page.
  • The lost dog recovery team have a lot of experience, equipment and contacts that can help. They can be contacted via their Facebook page.
Most lost dogs we share are successfully found. We have found that some are tempted to have another adventure! If you think this is likely, you might find a GPS tracker a useful reassurance. Also, a walk in a park with a surrounding fence might be a safer alternative, until recall can be assured. In Brighton, we have a wonderful park called Withdean Park. The fence surrounding it is now managed by local volunteers who also have dogs – see withdog.co.uk.