Microchipping & Neutering


It is a legal requirement to have your dog microchipped, however many people still have not had this done. Unfortunately we have had a number of lost dogs without chips. This has led to delays and problems proving ownership.  Brighton and Hove Council does not keep the bodies of cats/dogs who have been killed in road accidents for more than a day. They will scan for a chip so dogs without one may sadly be disposed of before their owners reach this stage in their search.

Our advice:

  • Get your dog chipped and use a collar/tag when out (both are legal requirements)
  • Keep the chip details up to date when you move/change phone numbers (unfortunately we often hear details are out of date with lost dogs. When you want to be looking for your dog, the last thing that you want to do is to be dealing with the admin of changing details)
  • Ask your vet to check the chip on each visit. Rarely the chips fail – but it’s better to be safe than sorry

Chipping usually costs around £15-£20. Alternatively, free microchipping is available with the Dog’s Trust.


It is recommended to obtain as much advice as you can with regards the pros and cons of neutering. You will be able to get advice from your vet, RSPCA, Dogs Trust and specific breed groups.