Training and Caring for Your Dog

There are many websites with ideas and advice and many styles of training. Most research has shown that positive reward based training is the most successful. Dominance style, alpha theories can work but carry risks and are often slower, so we don’t recommend them.

Also have a look at our Training forum.


Vital for puppies/young dogs and also rescues. With other dogs, people, situations and noises

Withdean Park – is a great place to meet other dogs and owners. See

There is also an excellent resource from the dogs trust with a range of sounds designed to help socialise both puppies and older dogs. It’s free and includes fireworks. Available here.
This takes a few weeks but works well for many dogs.



Brighton is well served with local trainers and behaviourists. Anyone can claim these skills so look out for qualifications, references and recommendations. It is always advisable to do your homework when deciding the best trainer for you and your dog and any specific needs to focus on. Read reviews, check qualifications and experience, talk to the trainer, meet for a no obligation chat.
Some vets and trainers organise Puppy Parties – Great for socialisation before formal training starts

Mike Garner of Rainbow Dogs is a local behaviourist who we collaborate with whilst supporting our local re-homing centres.

Learning recall. Always a challenge, especially with so many exciting distractions! Vital for puppies and rescues. A fenced area provides a safety net or alternatively a long line. Withdean Park has an enclosed area with totally secure fencing.

Sheep-proofing. Dogs should always be on a lead near sheep and other livestock. However there is a risk that dogs may spot sheep before you do on a walk. A shepherd in Kent runs a sheep-proofing course that helps make your dog wary of sheep and not to chase them. See

And their facebook page –